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Comment: You miss the point as usual.

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You miss the point as usual.

If you tried to post an article on Seeking Alpha or make a comment there, you would find that you don't know as much as you think you know. Try it. See how you do. But you won't. You'd rather listen to yourself here try and claim superiority by calling others Keynesians simply because they point out we're not in hyperinflation and disagree with John Williams who has been wrong on his calls for 6 straight years.

You claim you know about "people who trade for real" and how they won't slap themselves on the back for getting it right. No, people who trade for real help others make money. That's all I have done with my comments on gold. My clients know this and anyone who has followed me for the last almost 7 years on Daily Paul know this.

And then you keep calling me a keynesian as it gives you some sort of good feeling. You crack me up man.

When you get a chance, go to and you can see my body of work since 2008 to show you what a Keynesian I am. Of course the website is down right now, but should be up in the next few days.

I don't have facebook as I deactivated it to write a couple years ago and haven't been on twitter in years. So that makes me an adult? ok.

And it's not who I have met. It's who I have personally contributed to. Man...all you want to do is criticize.

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