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Rothbard said...

that the NAP goes back to Aquinas' natural rights theorizing through to the philosophies of the Enlightenment period and including tenets of the more modern Old Right and minarchist camps.

Here is wikipedia's take on the history of the NAP:

Many, if not most, anarcho-capitalist thinkers include enforcement of the NAP in private courts. Rothbard said there must be a universal set of laws that private courts in a free society must enforce.

You are framing the NAP as the only social rule and social construct when even a cursory study of the history of the NAP shows it is no such thing except to perhaps the very few anarchists who are even against private courts and private protection agencies.

Your entire post is based on a dishonest or incredibly intellectually lazy STRAW MAN and borders on pure trolling.

Mature disciplined debating is one thing. Starting petty bickering and arguing is another. Many of your posts seem to be the latter.

BTW, I am a jeffersonian minarchist.

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