Comment: He must consent to the terms of the arrest, trial

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He must consent to the terms of the arrest, trial

And any punitive legal recourse he might suffer as punishment.

If he does not then he should no longer be protected by the system that he relies on for defense. That doesn't mean he should be attacked and thrown in prison and have his property stolen, or killed. It just means that if he relies on a system to provide him with defense and doesn't honor the terms of his contract with that system, then they should no longer provide defense.

Your alternative is that we waste time and resources tracking him down and punishing him for divesting himself from that system. Why bother? He has already been excommunicated.

If someone wants to punish him afterwards, and he no longer has any claim to legal protection, why wouldn't they?

Why do we need to involuntarily pay into this system anyway? Why when we don't pay, aren't we just denied the service? Why are we hunted down, kidnapped and stolen from and in many cases, killed?

The group should only decide the fate of the individual in terms of their interaction with them, and what they are willing to protect him from.