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I believe you're mistaken

It may be true that anarchists have unstated premises about what justifies their support for aggression in cases of arrest, imprisonment, trial, and sentencing.

But whatever that basis is, it must ultimately be reducible to support for the validity of a group consensus denying liberty to an individual on the basis of consensus.

Therefore, anyone who supports these things supports the violation of NAP and supports the validity of group consensus in defining things like property law, probable cause for arrest, validity of trial, evaluation of evidence, jury verdict and sentencing.

These all violate NAP; they are force against individuals not in self defense, but on the basis of suspicion, accusation, and finally consensus and verdict.

They are not in conformity to NAP, but are in conformity to the democratic principle of the consensus of the group overruling the liberty of the individual.

There is no way out of this, no matter how you squirm.