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The concept of computing insurance investment risks has become the process done by an actuary.

In the free market of defense against despotism insurance supplies, which there are few competitors, the best of the best offer the lowest cost and the highest benefits.

Setting that aside and falling into argument for the sake of argument can be a decision made by people.

"I would put this in the category of overly abstract navel gazing."

The Icelandic Commonwealth lasted some time, and those who benefited from that free market (NAP) insurance against despotism project can be compared to the Holland example at the time of the American Revolution, the Swiss example, and the American example between 1776 and 1787 as competitive examples of large scale free market anti-despotism insurance policy supplies offered to investors.

Setting that aside to argue for the sake of argument, for for whatever reason the choice is to argue, can be a choice.