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Let's fix that

A private DEFENSE agency group of people in a free society [what does this undefined interjection have to do with the statement, its meaningless] arresting forcing an initiator of violence an accused person not committing any violence at the time when he is forcefully kidnapped IS a defense against the violence of the aggressor. is not defense, but force against a presumably innocent individual.

A private court in a free society group of people assembling a jury trial another group of people to determine what measures need to be taken to prevent the aggressor from committing future aggression hold a person captive while deciding whether his accuser is lying or telling the truth IS a defense against future aggression aggression against a presumably innocent person, followed by the denial of that persons liberty on the basis of the democratic consensus of an arbitrary group of people, acting as judges, with the right to deny others liberty, not in self defense.


The NAP does not forbid individuals or free societies through private agencies groups of people from defending (guard, protect. ward off) themselves or others against initiators of violence.


This last paragraph has nothing to do with the earlier ones, since it is about guarding or self defense, not about arrests and trials, which are aggression as defined by NAP.