Comment: I highly doubt it

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I highly doubt it

If I recall correctly, george p. bush has not even been elected to his first political office, but I think he is favored to win some texas land commissioner office this year. I'm sure he is being groomed for higher office down the road, but even the bushes know 2016 is too soon for him to be on a national ticket.

And I doubt Rand would choose him anyway. Let's not read too much into it. It is easy for us to sit here and criticize him for rubbing elbows with an up and coming member of a powerful political family, but Rand can't just go around snubbing and spitting in the faces of all the scum that surrounds him. If he wants to get to where he can really make a difference (the white house), he has to build coalitions of support and that sometimes means reaching out to people he would prefer not to. I say we cut Rand a little slack. He is the best chance we have got.