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The problem of....

uncertainty causing a fallback to reasonable suspicion until further determination can be made is present in all flavors of judicial and law enforcement systems. Whether it is a NAP-based ancap society or minarchist or statist. Irrelevant to the discussion of whether the NAP allows arrests and jury trials.

You cannot remove "private courts". "private defense agencies", "free society", etc. etc. from my comments because the context of the discussion is a NAP-based ancap society. (You do realize that minarchists and other non-anarchists use the NAP too?)

You said:

"This last paragraph has nothing to do with the earlier ones, since it is about guarding or self defense, not about arrests and trials, which are aggression as defined by NAP."

The paragraph in question:

"The NAP does not forbid individuals or free societies through private agencies from defending (guard, protect. ward off) themselves or others against initiators of violence."

It has everything to do with the earlier statements since arresting a known aggressor prevents (DEFENDS) against further aggression. Likewise, a court determining measures needed to DEFEND against future aggression by a known aggressor is DEFENSE (action of guarding or protecting, to ward off, protect).

Arrests are actions that prevent (DEFEND against) known aggressors from further aggressing. The jury trial determines what measures are needed to guard against or ward off (DEFEND) against future aggression by known aggressors. The NAP allows defensive measures against aggressors and therefore allows arrests and trial juries.

All said paragraphs are about DEFENSE, which according to the NAP, DEFENSE is justified when countering initiators of aggression.

defense (n.) - c.1300, "forbidding, prohibition," also "action of guarding or protecting," from Old French defense, from Latin defensus, past participle of defendere "ward off, protect"

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