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One reason I bought a 5th wheel instead

I still need to get an older diesel to pull it BUT I can drive the 5th wheel and the wife can drive the rubicon to our location. I can hide the 5th wheel and we would still have two vehicles to use for various needs.

I can also move the 5th wheel to different locations with the wife and kids in the jeep rubicon.

I still want to get an rv though, they are just sweet especially the old winnies. Another option is a 4x4 van which can be the best of both worlds but would be a bit cramped long term.

I bought two properties ( each in a different state BUT the states are next to each other ) that are under 12 hours from each other. Two different climates completely though so depending on the time of year we can decide which would be best for us.

On the road block though, a big ol' rv can do pretty good slamming through a roadblock compared to a car or truck and your options for hiding from the potential bullets are vast in a 20-30 foot rv compared to a car with 5 seats and windows pinpointing everyone in the vehicle.

Offroad can be an issue for RV's indeed though especially if your ground clearance isn't up to par BUT in the movie RV Robin Williams made it looks so easy lol and if it can happen in movies then it MUST work just as well in real life (-; - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana