Comment: The NAP does not preclude...

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The NAP does not preclude...

third party individuals, groups or societies from coming to the violent defense of a victim of an initiator of aggression (groups and societies being comprised of individuals).

The NAP does not prohibit the staff of the Freedom Center (hypothetical) from collectively and violently responding to a firebombing of their building. The NAP does not prohibit them from forming a posse and hunting them down in response to their initiation of aggression.

"In contrast to nonviolence, the non-aggression principle does not preclude violence used in self-defense or defense of others. [Walter Block]"

Notice the "defense of others" (i.e. - third parties [private defense agency, a gaggle of angry moms, etc]) in the quote.

Arrests and jury trials by third party collectives does not in any way violate the NAP if said actions are intended to prevent (DEFEND against) further aggression by the original initiator of violence. Defense is allowed by the NAP in response to initiation of violence.

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