Comment: Truly a first for a good reason to hold your nose,

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Truly a first for a good reason to hold your nose,

briefly control the gag reflex, and vote for the Democrat in SC in November.

I agree with purplefetus below. Graham has to go. Whatever it takes. You can deal with the democrat later.

Maybe there's enough liberty movement people in SC with spine enough to help tip the scale for the democrat (Graham's November opponent) in a stealth Graham ousting victory opportunity from behind if they combine their efforts, just like our effect in the Romney loss.

Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get what ya need. Every day at the office isn't always a pleasant one. Even if it means going as far as campaigning for the democrat opponent. The big players do it all the time to stop certain candidates, why shouldn't we.

Put up a Democrat Graham opponent yard sign now, and as they say - help "Get out the vote." If it's going to take big money to get rid of Graham, then use the Democrats' money.

Play Chess, not Checkers.