Comment: F$%# Yelp!

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F$%# Yelp!

Seriously, I hate yelp with a passion. When I was running my retail business we sold about $2M with an average sale of about $27. This means we had a lot of freaking customers. I trained our staff to provide world class customer service. Overall I would assume that our feedback was generally good. But there is a train of thought that goes into training a sales team. If someone has a great experience they will tell 0-1 people. If someone has a bad experience they will tell everyone. I completely agree with this. If you were to look at the yelp reviews for my business you would think I was running a shit show. We had about 20 reviews over 2.5 years and only 3 of them were good reviews. The other 17 reviews were extremely negative. Over half of these negative reviews were easily ridiculous. The other half of the negative reviews I would say were completely warranted.

Overall we ran a tight ship and took care of our customers. Like any retail business, some scenarios fall through the cracks. But according to Yelp! I ran a business that no one should ever shop at. Luckily no one cares about yelp these days. It is literally old news.