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He's young and he's handsome

That counts for quite a lot in politics. Not to mention that he's a Bush.

Not that any of these things matter to me, but if one is playing a "game," as people like to say, then one has to acknowledge the rules and have an accurate model of the playing field.

So yeah, I'm only being half serious. I'm trying to emphasize that if this is "chess" then every move must have a purpose. If that is the case, every move must be analyzed.

For this particular move, Bush the younger is young, handsome and a Bush. Downside is that he's got no experience.

Any of Rand's potential VP choices will have to be given a cost/benefit analysis. JFK, from Boston, picked Johnson because he was from Texas and could deliver votes from the South. But that was a mistake that might have cost him his life. The last thing you want as a VP is a Frank Underwood.