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Thank you very kindly for your concern, Smudge,

but I'm in less danger than you imagine. I get a lot of business from Yelp because here in Los Angeles Yelp is the go-to site for small business reviews -- the same way Amazon is the go-to site for book reviews. Yelp, like Amazon, owes its popularity to its reviewer-friendly policies. And as long as those policies continue, I figure I'll do okay. I treat customers the way I'd like to be treated myself -- and that's unusual enough that a lot of customers get inspired to write nice reviews for me. If Yelp self-destructs, there will still be a demand for reviews of businesses like mine, and SOMEONE will fill it. That's where my customers will post reviews in the future. And if no one fills the void that Yelp would leave behind -- where will people turn to find someone to repair the products I service? They'll probably ask the folks who sold them those products -- most of whom know me well and freely hand out my business cards. That's how my business survived for fourteen years BEFORE Yelp even existed, and I did just fine.

So -- thanks for worrying about my business up on the precipice. But you really needn't worry. Incredibly superior customer service and twenty years of connections with local retailers are bedrock.

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