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First off I will assume

First off I will assume english is not your first language. If it is then clearly you are saying specific words and phrases because of their legal context.

I am fairly new at the legalease speak used by the court systems but follow a few things you mention.

when I mention the court system paying out from taxpayer money, I am speaking of the money that is taken from workers checks or taken when purchasing money at a business. Whether it is an extortion or not is for another discussion.
The court/county/state is allocated some of this money to operate. If for some reason the court is required to pay a large some of money to settle a claim that money would come out of this pool (or from money collected by highway extortion).

Some government workers such as police may be required to have a form of insurance for such instances. Similar to a doctor having insurance for malpractice. I will not get into the discussion of insurance vs bonding because I only vaguely educated enough know there is a difference let alone debate on it.

As for the process I am referring to where an injured party seeks compensation for damages, whether it be against the government or an individual, this would be to seek remedy.

And while yes ignorance is no excuse, and officers should be held personally accountable for their actions, as the system stands right now they rarely do. Instead their department claims they were following procedures and pays for any damages out of taxpayer money rather than firing the cop and holding him accountable.

Whether or not that is the case doesn't matter now. I am not going to try and follow your if yes then no, if no then yes, if yes then no talk further. I was not trying to put my words in legalease speak, nor was I agreeing with or dismissing some of the practices mentioned such as taxpayer money. I was simply addressing the NAP issue and how Bill's points seem to deal more with the judicial system itself.