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Comment: As much as Facebook

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As much as Facebook

annoys me, I go there to share some political facts. There are a few others with the same views whom I 'follow'! Besides Twitter and Facebook, I really don't know what other sites would be the most helpful in getting the definition of 'natural born citizen' across to the most people! The ones that I sometimes get annoyed with are the ones who say "I don't care, he's better than Obama". I usually counter with, "How is he better? He's already wiping his butt on the Constitution just by running for the Presidency. He knows he's not eligible, but he doesn't care." I usually ask if he/she thinks he would then follow the Constitution once elected. For him to follow the Constitution once elected, he'd have to resign since he's not eligible! Yeah, I don't see that happening! He's in the running to pull votes from Rand, imo...
I doubt it due to our country still having hackable electronic voting machines...but I hope it comes down to Rand vs. some democrat!

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