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Comment: picking my poison

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picking my poison

This also relates to the "anarchist theory of war" in another thread. That theory is well illustrated by the following story:

It is said that soon after April 19, 1775, King George met with a group of his nobles and one of them said: "Give me two companies of grenadiers and I will go throughout all the colonies gelding all the males; a few will require force, but most will only need persuasion." And everyone at the meeting laughed. It was a good joke. But they didn't have a chance to meet a man like Isaac Davis (someone you would call an anarchist), who said, you can try to take my liberty, but if you do, one of us is going to die.

And that sort of sums it up. You may prefer "what we've got now," but most of my friends aren't going to have anything to do with your "justice" system. It's not just. We're tired of thugs going around acting like Nazis stopping people for no reason and asking for their papers because some clowns in black robes tells them it's OK. We know too many people rotting in cages. We're not aggressing against anyone, but when your juries, and your judges, and your courts, and their thugs come for us, we're not going to consent. Some individual may come and try to subject us to your wonderful "justice." If that happens, I've already made up my mind (and I know a lot of my fellow anarchists have too). I'm not going in your courts. If someone tries to take my liberty, one of us is going to die. It's that simple.