Comment: Where does it say "AND"?

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Where does it say "AND"?

Where does it say that 'Natural Born' means both parent citizens AND in US/territory? I'd like to see your references so that I can learn something new. My references are at the bottom.

Not defending Cruz or Obama (believe me), but all I can find is that "Natural Born" was never defined. It's been narrowed as something like the 'right of citizenship at birth'. That comes in two forms:

1. Born on US Soil


2. Born to US Parents (blood)

(If BHO was born in Hawaii, than he passed the modern definition #1.)

In wedlock situation, it really depends on how much time the citizen parent has been present in the US prior to birth, and after the child's 14th birthday.

(For Cruz, it really depends on where she lived, and how long she lived there. do you know those answers? His fathers immigration status could make the test less strenuous.)