Comment: To those who thought lots of candidates would mean less chance

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To those who thought lots of candidates would mean less chance

Lindsey Graham would get 50% on the first ballot. Well you saw what happened. And even if Graham had had to go to a run off - his opposition would have had to do remarkable scrambling to get all the opposition behind him.

There are two basic reasons having a slew of alternative candidates was not a good idea.

#1. No anti NeoCon PAC gave money to boost a candidate because the clear opponent to Graham was not defined. So NOBODY got the boost that could have beaten Graham.

#2. Imagine a wall full of brands of bottles of ketchup. There's Fred's Ketchup. Kool Ketchup. And Humdinger Ketchup. And in the middle of this wall you see Heinz Ketchup. Are you going to bother investigating the unknown alternatives that you have never heard of? No. There are simply too many of them. You will go with what you know. Heinz Ketchup.

But if there was ONE other ketchup and you had heard some good things about it you might consider it.

Swamping people with many choices tends to overwhelm and confuse them and make them go for the one they know. And in ths case it was Graham.

(Given the association between John Kerry and Heinz, maybe I should have used Tide Detergent in my example.)