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Different children have

Different children have different needs. If a parenting style or certain level of effort is adequate with 4 out of 5 kids, it doesn't mean the 1 out of 5 is just "bad". This doesn't mean that the parents weren't trying, they may be well meaning people that are simply ignorant of that one child's needs. Failing to mold a child into a well adjusted adult doesn't mean you are a bad person, It means you lacked sufficient parenting skills, either because of ignorance, laziness, or ego.

A supportive and loving (not dictitorial) parenting style, will outweigh negative outside influences. How old was your brother when he tried heroin the first time? Didn't he receive drug education?

My 4 year old boy will get a sex talk before puberty, and a drug talk as well. I know a lot of parents are not comfortable with those conversations, but my son and I are, and will be, close. My upbringing was crappy, so parenting is easy for me, whatever my parents did, I do the opposite.

My own personal best parenting asset is that I am humble and introspective enough to be honest with myself about my weaknesses. So many people are ego driven as parents.