Comment: Where did this mythical right to travel come from?

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Where did this mythical right to travel come from?

I hear a lot of my fellow anarcho-libertarians refer to some "right of travel" or "right of free movement" that is being violated. Surely you agree that claim this right is as vague as claiming a right to free speech. There is no "right to free speech". There are only property rights. The immmigrants coming here are not moving on, and homesteading, unowned land. They are trespassing on private property or are using public property that they don't even theoretically own by paying taxes. I don't think there should be any such thing as public property. But there is. If 80+% of the people don't want unlimited "immigration", that same sentiment would be reflected if all of the land were private. Do you really think there would be massive migrations of people from other countries if all land was privately owned and protected. I don't think so.