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Comment: If you actually bothered to

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If you actually bothered to

If you actually bothered to study anarchy before adopting it as an ideology, you wouldn't need to ask me to explain to you what anarchist tribes were.

You think what I said is "insane" because you are utterly and irreparablly ignorant of legal principles. Part of the validity of a court is jurisdiction. Dragging you into a court that I pay for regardless of jurisdiction (to the NAP_HEAD, "CONSENT") is not giving someone their day in court.

Secondly your argument that the current system is like anarchy is puzzling. What's the relevance? We are not promoting anarchy, you are. We are just pointing out the realities of it.My brain is "fvxkd" though, lol. You uneducated twat.

Attacking the current travesties is a base strawman and a misdirecition. I wonderror if you are here just to.argue.

Ventura 2012