Comment: This all boils down to respect

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This all boils down to respect

or the lack of it. The problem is that there is almost zero respect for anybody who "isn't on my side". That is true where ever we go in today's world; even here on the DP. The simple fact is that you, none of you, will get everything you want. This is just how life is. The sorry fact is that there are enough people out there on either side of the fence that will not settle for less than what they consider perfection and will squable and whine until they get it.

What I find the funniest about this last sentence is that these same people would end up hating Ron Paul had he become president. As the president he'd have had to broker deals to get things done which means a sacrifice of one type or another to his near perfect following of the consitution. In a republic such as ours compromise is inevitable. You give, you take, and hopefully everybody gets enough of what they want to be satisfied if not happy. No, Dr. Paul would not have been able to weild the veto pen indefinitely because eventually, in desperation, both parties would have ganged up on him to get past those vetos and his input would become worthless.

The republicans fear that in-fighting will cause them to lose the race. This will almost certainly happen because the RINOs in charge will expect the grass roots candidats to magically change into a RINO and mindlessly follow their plan. The sad lack of respect for the new comers will cost the party dearly.