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What about the

30 million or more that have already invaded our country, contributing to our failing health care system, failing schools, unastabible welfare system, higher crime, destruction of jobs for Americans, and the economic hit we all have to pay, so they can free load? The number one objective needs to be cut off the 'welfare/social systems' to all that have entered illegally. Then we will see who really wants to work and who is here for free loading? I could tell you hundreds of stories, many learned from the illegals themselve, like they encourage their relatives and friends to come to America to receive all the free services, and they don't really have to work. Also, my brothers neighbor is a nurse at a Middle School, who told him she deals with tons of girls as young as 12 yrs old becoming pregnant. She has confered with many of them who tell her 'their parents tell them to find a boy to have sex, so they can get pregnant and get more free welfare'. One only needs to look to California, to see how this practice has turned a once wealthy state, into a state teetering on bankruptcy. Here's an excellent video telling the true agenda by the Globalist/NWO/Zionists/Marxist or what ever their allegence resides, aka a Totalitarian Corporatist State. It even includes a part by Judge Napalitano stating how Obama is direlict of duty in obsconding from our laws and even encouraging them to invade our country.