Comment: They may bow, but do they listen?

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They may bow, but do they listen?

No. So I think their pretended reverence is just an act.

I think it is the Pope who is doing their bidding- not the other way around. Or maybe he is part of the NOW scheme. But I do not think he runs the show.

What if Christ did truly choose a certain man to represent Him on earth? This man would be the most important man alive. Not necessarily the most powerful, because God does not interfere with free will. The enemies of God would do all they could to either discredit this man or bring him under their control. This is what you are seeing.

Consider your sources that tell you that the Pope is the devil incarnate. It is certainly NOT the Bible. Just some who conveniently quote the Bible to push their opinions. Often these persons are self appointed "religious leaders" who hate the Catholic Church and capitalize on it's destruction to expand their audiences and "congregations."