Comment: Basic misdirection

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Basic misdirection

This is the simple principle used by any thief who reaches for deception instead of being an honest thief.

An honest thief may look you in the eye and take from you whatever the honest thief wants; while the thief reaching for deception will point somewhere else and yell "thief," and then while focus of defensive power is misdirected the thief takes from you whatever the lying thief wants.

Even better for the lying thief is the pointing and yelling "thief" at whatever would be an effective defense against the lying thief and that can be easily seen here right now.

There is an aggregate power of individual choices that can be known as market forces and when those market forces are manipulated with Mass Media tuned to near Scientific perfection the lying thieves can "make" people believe that the counterfeited market forces (mass mind control) IS the genuine market forces that would otherwise exist in a free market (free from mass mind control produce and maintained by lying thieves), which happens to be the best defense against lying thieves.

The best defense against lying thieves who invent, maintain, and profit from (profit's in the criminal sense) the counterfeiting of "choices" with mass mind control, false marketing, and the take over over government (defensive) power, is accurate accounting of the actual facts concerning every single choice made by anyone, and therefore the sum total of all those individual choices that are based upon facts, knowledge, and wisdom, instead of false advertizing, mass mind control, and lies well told by liars who are also thieves, is a COLLECTIVE sum total of wise, fact based, educated, accurate choices which CONSTITUTE free market forces.

So the bait is the actual, real, true, accurate, free market forces that add up as individual intelligent decisions based upon facts, adding up to a sum total of many individual intelligent decisions based upon facts, which works for our common defense against liars and thieves, and the misdirection here and now is to blame those free market forces for our demise, all the while the actual lying criminals doing this misdirection are handily profiting (criminal profits) at the expense of those who are misdirected by such lies by such thieves.

Where there may have been 13 choices to pay into a common defense fund that is competitively priced with competitive returns on investment, within a working Federation, for example, there is no such thing now, since the lying criminal frauds, extortionists, and their army of brain washed sycophants have effectively destroyed the free part of the market.

1. Bait
Working Free Market Government (exemplified in between 1776 and 1787 in America)

2. Switch
Monopoly of fraud and extortion believed to be legal by those who are duped into such falsehood.

The actual working defense is demonized by the liars so as to fool the victims into rejecting their own defense and instead of choosing their own defense the victims are offered the lie that an extortion payment made to the lying thieves is the only way to defend against lying thieves.

Of course the lying thieves know all this, at the bottom of their "elite" scum bucket, and they know that they kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, and they know that their lies cause an end to free markets, productivity, and simple human morality, and eventually all the victims are either consumed or incorporated into the Monopoly of "legal" crime, where all the rats are feeding on each other as the ship of Liberty is sunk.

Those at the bottom of the scum bucket they make with their lies may get out free to start anew in another place, such as history records, but those few "elite" (so called) are free in a criminal sense, not a genuine free market sense, unless once free they, those who escape their self made hell on earth, start making an honest living among other free people instead of this type of bait and switch campaign of lies.