Comment: Scroll up, I just followed your lead partner

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Scroll up, I just followed your lead partner

You open with clubs I follow with clubs.

Anyway you are right and wrong.

The price you pay for giving other men power over you is eternal vigilance. IE eternal fear.

But you didn't need to do it in the first place.

God may be eternal, but eternal anything with humans involved must always fail.

People die and their children are educated in state schools to lick the boots of the state. Vigilance is gone in one generation because you thought that making your fellow taxpayers pay for your childrens' 'free' government schooling was a swell idea.

The seed of evil is in us. People want free stuff. If the power to steal from some and give to others exists people will pretend it's not theft, just as you do.

The state has an incentive for you to justify their evil, so it cuts you in.

But simple math says you must always be more victim than victimizer.

There's a whole lot of money that seems to stop in DC that doesn't get to the supposed people who think they are victimizing the taxpayer when they vote for some benefit or protection.

They are victimizing themselves.

It all starts with you being willing to go along with evil because you think you will personally benefit from the evil.

In your case you may want just a little evil, a little theft, so that you can make your fellow man pay for the armies and tanks you want. Maybe some police. Ok I get that, limited evil is better than unlimited evil.

But it didn't stop there did it? That scrap of paper that said "ok, just a little taxation and all we want is some armies and police, alright?" didn't stop them from doing every evil they wanted, did it?

There's a name for the being that can only accomplish evil by tempting men isn't there?