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Simple voluntary simplicity

Those who demand voluntary complexity are able to find a voluntary supply to effectively meet that demand.

The simple truth is a way of defending against the tangled webs spun by those who willfully deceive and those who merely parrot deceptions.

When the simple truth is simply in view, clear view of the simple truth, the confusion as to how best to defend against lying thieves is simply found in fact, in time, and in place.

There is the criminal, caught red handed in a lie, caught red handed in the act of stealing, and the simple fact of the matter is no longer hidden by the criminal misdirections.

All that has nothing to do with the demand for better ways to produce a better life in Liberty; which can become as complicated as demanded by those seeking better ways to produce a better life.

So the criminals liars will tend to blame their tangled web of lies, the complexity they create as each lie demands 1000 more lies to cover up the first one, to blame the 1 lie, and the 1000 additional lies, blame that on any other cause other than their lies - simple misdirection.

It sure is good to hear words of simple true facts, thanks, compared to such an abundance of non-competitive lies, the starkness of simple true facts against the background of a tangle of lies is remarkable.