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Comment: Reasons not to shoot cops

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Reasons not to shoot cops

  • Not all cops are bad. Lawlessness is the problem we criticize, we should not emulate it. Just because there is little way to bring about justice today that doesn't mean we need to create more injustice
  • Even the bad ones don't always understand they are bad. If they did they might change.
  • The good ones will never listen if their friend was killed, or they are dead themselves
  • It doesn't even make sense. How do you possibly reconcile loving peace and shooting a man in cold blood? That's what they do.

Shooting is for self defense. The ones that get themselves killed in no knock raids I don't cry so much for, any more than any other criminal.

Otherwise, no.

Since it doesn't make sense, I would like to see their trail in the liberty movement. Does anyone know where this is documented?

Perhaps they really were crazies. There are always crazy people, but when someone is very very conveniently crazy in such a way as to perfectly fit the statist propaganda narrative, I get suspicious.