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I read this article.

It seems to me there are lots of errors in it.

In particular, Cantwell deserves to be quoted more fully:

While force will ultimately have to be met with force, throwing oneself onto the pile of bodies prematurely does absolutely nothing positive for the cause of liberty. When you get yourself killed or captured, you remove from this world a person who was willing to die for their beliefs. You deny mankind the benefit of hearing you speak without fear. If you feel as I do, that life without liberty is not worth living, if you are ready to kill and die for freedom, then what we need you to do is say so. We need you to write, and make videos, and join a community of people who feel that way too. Raise children. Arm yourself, train, prepare. Produce, work, acquire capital. Understand the problem, see the solution, explain it to other people. That’s how you spark a revolution.

The quote in the LoL article was taken out of context and badly mischaracterized.

It does get a few things correct:

1. Police are not the only aggressors and are certainly not the only ones deserving of retaliation. Politicians and, yes, lots of "family and neighbors," are also equally aggressive; they just get the police to do their dirty work for them. (So that's just a matter of consistency.)

2. If all the police were killed tomorrow, we'd have the same situation the day after.

3. Overall nothing very useful was accomplished toward the end of increasing liberty for the living. Actually, MM/LoL and Cantwell agree on this, but that's also, as MM would say, "just strategic."

In related matters,

Cantwell also has an error: The world is a better place without these two police officers victimizing the public.

The fact that they are no longer victimizing people is good, but on balance the world is not better off. The act has probably pursuaded even more people to follow in their path. (Terrorists may be bad, but turning dozens of them into millions of them with an army is even worse.)

MM, I won't go into the errors in the article, unless you're interested. But if you want a hint: Look at your use of the words "random" and "murder."

Postscript: I don't know Cantwell nor any of the people involved in Las Vegas.