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I think you make a good point.

When people start researching things like this, sometimes they misinterpret something. In case, this is not clear to people, the accusation is the Sandyhook shooting was a drill that went national and a lot of questionable evidence was presented to the public in relation to the incident. People have questions and answers are difficult to get or find. In the mean time people cling to their conclusions despite normal explanations.

With regard to the Christmas trees, the day after the shooting, the firehouse set up 26 Christmas trees to represent the children allegedly shot at the school. Footage from the day shows cut fir trees behind the firehouse that day. The conclusion drawn is someone planned to have this shooting memorial ahead of the shooting and put the trees out back until they were needed for the memorial.

What RonPaulWins is saying is the firehouse had more than 26 trees on hand because the firemen sell fir trees before Christmas every year and that is why they were on hand, not because they were there for a planned shooting memorial. The tree were simply drafted for the shooting memorial because they were handy due to the annual sale.

That is perfectly logical explanation. I am satisfied with that. However, there is a lot of other strange things people have noticed about what happened that day that I would like to understand. Being wrong about one thing does not make someone wrong about everything. It would help if the guy with the list of questions would accept reasonable answers when they are provided rather than pretending no answer has been given.

Whatever the truth of this incident, the individual right to keep firearms for self-defense remains.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson