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In my opinion

Rand is bowing to blackmail. We have all the laws on the books to preclude illegal immigration right now. Because Obama isn't following the laws on the books is no reason for more immigration reform. Why the congress isn't acting to stem the tide of illegals, children or not, should be the issue. It's typical Cloward and Piven. Overwhelm the system and create chaos.

The thought doesn't escape me that if the government can let 1000's of guns across the border ending up in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels, while the cartels are shipping drugs back over the border, what's to say the government isn't trafficking in children? Where were these children held before they came over the border in mass? Who would allow children to be dropped off in the middle of a city, left to their own devices? Obama gets the PR he wants, pedophiles get what they want.