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Comment: Something is dsyfunctional here ....

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Something is dsyfunctional here ....

I have no problem, in theory, with individual gun ownership.

But something is terribly dsyfunctional with our Country, where only in the USA do we have daily, mass-murder, from gun usage and easy gun accessibility ... and then think that no possible alternative exists.

It doesn't matter what other (developed) Country that we are talking about: socialist, capitalist, socio-captialist, communist, or dictatorship....the high-frequency, everyday gun violence only exists here in the U.S. (or within War-torn nations that are in a state of civil-war ... usually caused and/or funded by the U.S. CIA or the U.S. Pentagaon).

It is no secret that Americans are the most uninformed, unenlightened, uncultured, ignorant species to ever walk the face of the earth. We are taught to believe: that Science is "faith", that Faith is "Science", that Americans are "superior" than other human beings, that giving all our money to Wall Street robbers is a "good thing"(?), that Violence is a legitmate way of solving problems (or just irritations), that lack of knowledge is "strength", and that peace and understanding is "weakness", etc.

And we are bombarded by the act of murder everyday on TV, on the Movie Screen, on Video Games and XBoxes, and then think that this is normal, acceptable behavior. We are constantly brainwashed into thinking that we have to murder people in some far away place around the World -- it is our duty to do this....and "heroic".

America is the land of total insanity.

Until this mass neurosis is solved, then the matter of a few simple things like: a) background checks before you can own a gun, and b) gun registration, seems reasonable and uncontroversial to me. Americans have proven over and over and over again that they just cannot be trusted with violent weapons in the their hands.

And while I agree with the conceptual idea of forming militias to combat an over aggresive government, the fact is that our government today is so militarized and weaponized at a high-tech level -- that no mere citizen army could ever possibly begin to fight it. Those guys have Drones, Chemical Weapons, spy cameras, Tanks, automatics, riot gear, and FBI hit squads, etc. So how can some guy with a gun ever possibly stand up to that! We are long past that point here of any technological parity with the government. If they want to get you, they can, and they will, anytime they so wish (regardless).

In the meantime, the people who do have guns just use them on defenseless bystanders-- whether its a school full of children, a McDonalds, or domestic murder (widespread), or like Aaron Hernandez just for 'respect'.

That is what the DNA of America has produced: garbage! We just can't handle guns. That fact gets proven over and over and over again, every single day. No other country is like this (gun violence).

Abstract arguments and philosophy aside, this Country is just too dysfunctional, too emotionally infantile, too neurotic, too brainwashed in violence, and too stupid ... to handle guns.

It must be something in the air here. Ever since people arrived here, we started shooting Indians. Then we started shooting Mexicans. Then we started shooting ourselves (and everyone in foreign lands too). The we started making movies about shooting people. Then we started making computer-programmed XBoxes about people shooting people. How nice....Americans make quite a poor species.

Americans FAIL any basic responsibility test.