Comment: Rand's Newest Email Oh Great! another "5 Year Plan"; Now Rand.

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Rand's Newest Email Oh Great! another "5 Year Plan"; Now Rand.

What is it with politicians?! -

Rand: "If it doesn't work in 5 years...."

Why can't he make something work in a week?!!! BECAUSE HE/THEY CAN'T! They are attempting to stop the unstoppable because "the border" IS NOT THE PROBLEM! The Mexican Government is the problem! The regulations on Business in the US and Zoning in the US which limits free growth and true free trade is the problem!

Here is the latest email from Rand as he attempts to make a us against them issue; when actually it is just his ignorance against their ignorance:


"Dear Richard,

President Obama has taken a bad situation and turned it into a debacle.

Due to his lawless executive orders, a crisis on our southern border exploded as tens of thousands of immigrant children have streamed across our border and illegally entered our country.

This is why I voted against the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform bill and continue to oppose the House of Representatives bringing that bill up.

That so-called "reform" failed to secure our border and left the door open for President Obama to refuse to enforce immigration laws.

Securing our southern border once and for all should be the number one goal of any immigration reform.

So I hope you'll take a few moments to read the op-ed I authored on about my detailed plan to secure our nation's border.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R - Kentucky)

P.S. After you read my op-ed, please sign your "Secure the Border" petition demanding Congress place securing our border at the top of its priority list.

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I am for immigration reform because I am against allowing 12 million more illegal immigrants into our country. If we do nothing, 12 million more illegal immigrants will come. We must be in favor of reform—smart reform that starts with border security.

Characterizing that position as "amnesty" is simply untrue.

What we have now is a lawless border. Current policy is a beacon for more illegal immigrants. The Obama Administration’s lawless executive orders legalizing people who came here legally will only encourage more illegal immigration—unless we act now with real, strong, verifiable border security.

I am for immigration reform because what we have now is untenable. I voted against the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration reform bill because it did not secure the border first. I will only support reform that has border security first as verifiable and ascertained by Congress, not the President.

My plan will not give the President the authority to simply declare the border is secure. It will require yearly votes of Congress to ensure the President doesn't get around the law.

My "Trust but Verify" plan will ensure that our border is secure. Under my plan, national security and border security will move as the first element of any reform and would require annual votes of Congress to establish that the border is truly secure. No other reform could go forward until this happened.

In addition to increased border security, our nation needs to modernize our visa system. We need to know who comes and goes on travel, student and other temporary visas. There must be a workable system to ensure that visitors don't use travel visas as a way to enter the country then disappear. This will address the problem of visa over-stayers.

National security has to be a cornerstone to any border security and visa reform initiative. Our nation needs to look back at the September 11th Commission Report and study the recommendations with regard to terrorist's use of visas to commit acts of violence against America. The 9/11 hijackers used visas to enter the country and to stay here while planning attacks.

Strong border security includes using cutting edge technology. Satellites, physical barriers, screening to bar criminals and terrorists from entry, increased patrols on the border and—yes, surveillance drones—all should be part of a comprehensive plan to physically protect the border. My plan is to take specific measures at the border and then have the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General's Office produce a report to Congress on the progress of border security.

My plan takes border security a step further than anybody else in Congress. Under my plan, Congress will vote every year on border security. If Congress votes that the border is not secure, elements of immigration reform will cease to go forward and visa programs will be slowed. If Congress does not think the border is secure after five years, every element of immigration reform will be stopped.

Our nation is a nation of immigrants. Throughout history, our nation has been flooded with immigrants who have moved here with a flavor for the home country, yet they have assimilated into what we know today as America. That idea, and the American Dream, must be protected and preserved.

Immigrants are drawn to the magnet of free market capitalism here in the United States. Our nation should have open arms to immigrants who want to come here, work hard to make a new life in a fee nation. As a libertarian minded Senator, I am attracted to the idea of somebody coming to this country with a couple dollars in his pocket, and then through hard work, make the American Dream a reality.

I do not support amnesty, which is why I don't support our current system with no border security and a blind eye turned from the problem.

I support legal, not illegal, immigration. We must embrace immigration and immigrants, and recognize that our country has been enriched by those who seek the freedom to make better lives for themselves. However, our current system is broken and we cannot move towards reform until our border is truly and fully secure. "


Apparently, Rand believes the bars need to be securely locked on our cells so we can't get out to hurt ourselves.

Freedom = Open borders:


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