Comment: That is correct. It is simply another way to control "us".

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That is correct. It is simply another way to control "us".

Just imagine if 12 million illegals were to stop buying food, stop renting (yes they do pay for rent), stop buying gas, stop buying cloths and other items which they do on a daily basis;

Some communities would fold as their main economy is supported by "illegals";

The further fact is that taxes are always transfered to products in which the "illegals" buy, therefor even though some may not fill out a tax form, they pay the burden of tax indirectly;

The further fact is, the states have allowed them to enter without much issue, and have not made a serious attempt themselves to curtail it;

Then people and states expect the federal government which has no authority to prosecute more than the 4 crimes allowed them in the Constitution, to do it for them; "after" the illegals have already integrated into theirs and other states which are equally passive?

Not going to happen; and it is not the issue:

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