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He sounds just like

an establishment Republicrat who would like to give them amnesty, but talks the same old securing the border as the first step. Also, knowing amnesty will be included in the bill 'with stimpulations', he knows won't be followed. We have laws to secure the border, and they haven't been followed, since, Eisenhower. He makes no mention of the need for a major welfare reform, that is bankrupting many states, and prevents Americans who may really need a little help do to the Corporatist outsourcing of industry/jobs from having the ability to receive it. I'm not saying I'm for welfare, but if anybody is to receive it, it should 'only' be American citizens. He should be stating that Obamacare would never have passed if it wasn't for the millions of illegals being treated throuch the ER's, never paying a dime, causing those who pay to have increased prices for healthcare.

He will not talk about the need to cut them off from the social services (welfare), because he's in bed with the evangelicals apostates, who have traded Christ taught individual Liberty for statism, allowing the ministers to keep more money for their personal use. The evangelicals have probably, also, been caught in the 501c3 trap, where their greed of money, forces them to comply with the establishment or lose their tax free status, thus losing their Mercedes, Mansions, and Church palaces, sending money to their idol Israel, ect.