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Precursor event

Our across-the-board systemic failings (government, industry, science, religion and media) seem to me to require an over-arching and timely game-changing event (or series of events) powerful enough to prevent the collapse of civilization.

I think it is unlikely that this "Hail Mary" idea will emerge from any of the troubled institutions listed above.

This precursor idea has to be very much as promising, paradigmatic and adoptable as the idea of controlled fire was to our prehistoric ancestors, in my view.

Few of us look towards the arts for major global survival solutions.

Perhaps that is our artists' greatest advantage if they can rally their creative skills around the modeling of such prospects. There would likely be less societal resistance to such new, extreme ideas from these unlikely sources.

Perhaps there are already a few "outsider" artists who are making remarkable progress in these pursuits. They are likely to be working in obscurity since few of us think to look towards the arts for this kind of data.