Comment: The entire political spectrum is a deliberate con game

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The entire political spectrum is a deliberate con game

The True Political Spectrum:

Total Government <-----> No Government (pure anarchy)

A true scale is composed of opposites.

This is the true scale - because All forms of government can be represented somewhere on this scale.

The center of this scale is a Limited Constitutional Republic.

On the other hand - the current false spectrum:

Total Left Govt (Communism) <---> Total Right Govt (Fascism)

... is *not* a true scale - because the two forms of govt on the extreme ends are essentially the *same* form of government.

Any differences between Communism and Fascism are a matter of semantics. Hence the reason why they are commonly confused.

This is how the modern "intellectuals" (lol, I know ..) justify a Regulatory Democracy as being the 'reasonable center' of all political forms.

This is how they have eliminated the one form of government that puts everyone equal under the Law and has the potential to allow the individual the maximum amount of freedom possible in a peaceful, orderly society: a true Limited Constitutional Republic.

The world population has been conned believing in and measuring all political activity on a 'scale' that - for all intents and purposes - is a circle.

(idea is from Nelson Hultberg "The Golden Mean" )