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Deep down you know I'm right

Deep down you know I'm right :)

Friedman is willing to look past all the flaws of anarchy including the historical record, plausibility, and rights protection issues just because he is so traumatized by the descent of the USA into a Social Democracy or at worst an Oligarchy. Guess what, Thomas Jefferson knew it would happen. Half the country was agitating for tyranny and a King George Washington propped up by central bankers AT THE TIME OF THE FOUNDING ITSELF(Federalist party). Its human nature. Libertarians will never be a super majority because libertarianism is counter-intuitive and complex.

Friedman thinks "at least anarchy will become tyrannical more slowly" but he can't really know that. There is no evidence to suggest it, capitalism developed under the stability of government.

The peasant in the early middle ages was far more free than we are now. He paid his rent to the landlord in exchange for protection and adjudication. There was far less micromanaging and no zoning office. However, he was poor as dirt and capitalism did not exist. He was far poorer than citizens who lived in centralized systems thousands of years before him. But he was more free. :/ This is why when you tell anarchists of other bents that you are an anarcho-capitalists they will look at you with bewilderment. They are anarchists because that is the way to DESTROY capitalism. Anarchism does not produce capitalism, capitalism is a side effect of a relatively benign state.

The risk of disaster and the political impossibility that it suggests(contrary to his Utopianism comments that don't make sense today) do not justify adopting anarchism as anything but an ideal. Its not a justifiable or functional real world goal.

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