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It fits a pattern.

When Obama circumvented congress and sent US military personnel into Libya, he took off for Brazil.

"More than two and a half years after President Barack Obama delivered a speech in Brasilia, Brazil, to reveal that he had unilaterally ordered the U.S. military to intervene in Libya’s civil war in order “to protect Libyan civilians” and enforce “the writ of the international community”

When our people were under attack in Benghazi, Obama was resting up for a full day of fundraising.

By the evening of that next day, Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama was jetting off to a campaign fundraiser in Las Vegas, followed by parties with Jay-Z and Beyonce. Chris Stevens was already out of sight, out of mind.

With Iraq going down the tubes, and 200 American contract employees of the DOD under attack, Obama is in North Dakota at an Indian festival. Picture the phone ringing in the middle of the you honestly believe Obama is going to answer?