Comment: Ignorant and dishonest

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Ignorant and dishonest

The term intellectually dishonest gives way too much credit to damn liars.

Those who will steal are those who will lie to cover up their crimes of theft.

Those who will murder are similarly inspired to cover up their crimes with lies.

The inspiration to lie is well understood by any intelligent living being; anyone having an interest in knowing the accurate account.

Liars lie.

Liars lie because natural laws of moral conscience exists in living beings and the individual power to know and the individual power to defend is combined with other individuals into a total combined power of knowledge and defense that threatens every single criminal, and so crime must be hidden by the criminals.

The best lie that works best for the criminals is the lie that the criminals invent and maintain whereby the victims are fooled into giving the criminals credit for being helpful instead of the criminals being nothing but harmful.

The false labels criminals use are unbelievable for anyone interested in knowing the truth.

When a criminal calls what they do with a false label such as The State, or Government, or Court, or Jury, or Posse, or Police, or Security, or Insurance, or Religion, or WalMart, the fact that the criminal uses the false label remains a fact, and if anyone is interested in knowing the facts, then the false front label is acknowledged as a LIE.

How does anyone tell a criminal hiding behind a false front?


They always lie.

If they don't answer, that is a confession too.

Anyone claiming that involuntary association is anything other than them enforcing a crime upon their victims is confessing their criminal minds in point of fact.

This is not that tough to understand, so anyone fooled can know they are fooled, or they can decide to remain fooled, or they can admit that they are simply guilty of mind; they simply are criminal, they simple WANT to perpetrate crimes, and they simple WANT to keep perpetrating crimes so their LIES work for them, and their LIES infect their own minds eventually.

Giving the criminals ANY credit of anything other than the credit that they are LIARS when they LIE and that they are thieves when they steal, and whatever other crimes they perpetrate, giving them any credit for being a Judge, a Prosecutor, a Lawyer, a Politician, a News Reporter, a Blogger, a Forum member, anything other than a LIAR for their LIES is misapplication of accounting for the facts: a falsehood.