Comment: So now every 'famous' dead person of yore is gay?

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So now every 'famous' dead person of yore is gay?

I guess just about all the Spartans and Greeks were gay, too?
Just because 'psychologists' took something off its 'list' doesn't change anything. A moral people don't give a damn what psychos think. The DSM also changed pedaphilia to a sexual orientation, so I guess we'll start seeing the abbreviation as LGTB&P? So pathetic they need that kind of affirmation to justify their perversion.

I am so tired of a certain extremely minor group flaunting their sexual behavior in my face. It's one of the most purile assaults on humankind imaginable. I am really beginning to pity that minority because for them sex is the only thing that's important or noteworthy in their life. Reducing a human being to a sexual act is perverse. This entire new philosophy, or whatever it is, that is trying to proclaim that the greatest aspect of mankind is its sexuality is obscene. We are creative, intelligent, curious and compassionate creatures and although it is severely dismissed in our current society, we do have a conscience. We know the difference between right and wrong but too often we dismiss that acknowledgement within ourselves in favor of the fleeting pleasure the wrongdoing offers. The majority in that minority group can't even sustain a relationship for long so what's so great about that so-called life-style? Monogomy is also nearly non-existant (nothing is absolute), so how can anyone see their taking marriage vows as anything other than a complete sham?

It's really gays who need to get over themselves. Now down vote the heck out of me for knowing man's greatest achievement isn't his 14 second 'o'.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison