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Yes, thank you for the tip

(but I did already know) Thanks. Some people don't.

This morning was a little rough. I got up, it was cold and rainy, and I evacuated my bowels with a salt water flush. I didn't feel so great after that, and went back down for a two hour nap or so.

After that, I've been feeling pretty great. Made a big glass of juice, the standard: Celery, carrot, kale, apple, & cucumber. Downed that and went for a nice long walk. No headache today. A few hunger pangs that pass with a glass of water, vegetable broth, or tea.

My breath is putrid, Samantha told me so. I can taste it, too. That should go away in a day or so as well.

All's well. I just moved a bunch of heavy boxes down into the basement, worked up a good sweat and am feeling fine :)