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It may be asking a lot of anyone to read the books that may help in accurately measuring the true nature of the false (self-destructive) operating system.

It is very encouraging, hopeful, to hear someone express interest in the subject matter; since that interest is in direct opposition to the supplanted operating systems dictates.

One other book that is certainly on the same list as the other two is not downloadable and I stumbled upon this book in an antique shop.

That title and author is:
Prescription for Rebellion by Robert Linder

People are also taking a very hard look at a lot of history and finding our current situation much similar to past events that appear to be cyclic in nature; while the nature of deception continues to be generally unaccounted for (to any degree of accuracy)as demonstrable (destructive) fact.

It would not be something good if for any reason you, or anyone, was discouraged from knowing and then spreading the knowledge you acquire concerning this phenomenon that can be illustrated as a Trojan Horse type virus that takes over an individual mind.


P.S. The false front (false operating system) may be more accurately described in the Erich Fromm book titled:
That Anatomy of Human Destructiveness

The Sane Society is the book offering the antidote, and so is Equitable Commerce.

On that line of thinking the work by Josiah Warren that is more in line with describing the problem is this:

The time period is on the verge of the so called Civil War, and the act of speaking out against the so called government was revolutionary and risky.