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'you are either against us or with us.' Ill have neither.

My position is that there is a better way. Issues are not black and white but principles are.

Situations are as unique as the individuals involved.

Subscribing to this rigid nonsense is what leads to radicals in power. Im not trying to out-NAP you, dude. I just want you to use better judgement with people that may oppose your views.

NAP could be construed to wiping my ass in the right light, media and context. Like the Bible, the principles are the best part to be enforced.

I don't sign up for the crazy chit because I dont want a radical. I want a calculated leader that shows the propensity to lead our country. To push the US our way. Even if it fails, I will still support the ideas until the end.

NAP means Non-Aggression Principle. Ironic name only because it has stirred more chit stirring than most threads here.

It still fails to lead America.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul