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Concerns of merit?

If there are no concerns of merit then that is not the reasoning for writing, speaking, transferring information.

There may be many reasons, or causes, or inspirations, inspiring the individual to offer information to other individuals.

My inspiration here on this forum, and other forums, has been, is, and will be specific concerns that I think merit exchange of information so as to find better information and so as to find worse information, so as to choose better instead of worse.

What are some of the qualities and costs of better information compared to worse information?

1. Intentionally accurate information
2. Accurate information (not intended)
3. Inaccurate information (not intended)
4. False information (not merely inaccurate: intentionally inaccurate = misleading, dividing, confusing, destroying)

That is a scale offered as an offer of information on this Forum as an example of why I am inspired to engage in the transfers of information on forums.

Were my motives, my interests, my inspirations other than concerns of merit, as I see them, then my methods of writing, engaging, commenting, reacting, offering, inventing, adapting, learning, knowing, doing, deciding, rejecting, accepting, adopting, improving, with these symbols published in these places, then I might be inspired to reach for falsehood too.

4 on the list.

There is a world of things to do in 1, 2, and 3 on the list.

4 on the list offered is a concern of merit to me.

Many people may disagree in various ways.

"No accusation intended"

How can I respond?

How about thanks?