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Example 1:

Randomness is involved in choosing which book and which phrase to a point, and then flipping pages I see:

"Since we appear determined to "do something" to contain and inhibit the natural expression of the instinct - especially when we believe it to be running rampant in certain instances - what remains? Of course, there is always punishment."

Prescription for Rebellion by Robert Linder
Book I
Chapter 3
The Eleventh Commandment
Page 89

That quote may work to help someone know better. I read it, in context, and to me my life is so much better for having read the words, in context, because I see better, I see more clearly, how, for example, that punishment is a false solution to a false problem in so many cases, so many cases, so many cases, that it is probably a good idea to look closer at the alleged problem AND the alleged solution when the alleged solution is so often that same punishment routine.

Mileage may vary?