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I would agree

And I like to think that "minarchists and anarchists have similar goals and should be united." And I would hate to see that either group, the minarchists or the anarchists, prove that they are so exclusionary that they can't even get along with a group that shares 95% of the same goals.

But there is A FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE in beliefs in the anarchists and the minarchists.

Anarchists fundamentally think "rulers" like government or aristocracy IS IMMORAL. Minarchists say "rulers" like government or aristocracy IS CRUCIAL.

That is a serious difference of opinion in these two groups. That is a night and day difference. So when we speak as if we are "95% in agreement," that is somewhat dishonest when you consider the foundational statement above shows we are 100% different, not 5%.


The extremity of the difference in foundation is similar to: An abolitionist that says that "Slavery is immoral and disgusting and cannot happen for moral and ethical reasons," vs someone that says "Slavery is crucial, slavery is necessary for society to even function, without slavery society would crumble, eliminating slavery is 'blashpemous.'"

So while both groups would LIKE THE EFFECT of "Shrinking our government," I hope you can now see that these two groups DO NOT SEE EYE TO EYE because of the foundational principles of anarchy and minarchy.