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There's no such thing as an

There's no such thing as an anarchist. They don't exist. Everyone follows law, even if its just the law of the jungle. While its possible to have lawless actions, every human on earth follows some system of law or another.

The difference between volunteerists (or what you might smear with "anarchist") and someone who believes in government authority is we like the institutions who help enforce our rights to have to earn our business by producing an attractive product we are willing to purchase, and to have a market place full of choices to create vibrant competition to insure quality is ever increasing and prices are ever dropping. You who worship the state prefer that one "company" have a monopoly on force, be unable to go out of business due to shitty service, and be able to take by raw force the money they have rather than having to earn it by being competent and providing a useful service.

Utter madness. Competition works in every sector of the economy, and yet there are those who still want to sanction criminal activity and suppress competition for some groups of humans just because they have fancy badges.

There are only two kinds of people; those who believe no one has a right to initiate force against others to deprive them of their rights, and those who do. Of those who believe in crime and force, its just a question of how often and how badly they believe they can violate our rights and initiate force against us. Differing degrees of criminal basically.