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Not weird at all

Even if you don't have 'issues' I think we all have 'issues' based on the SAD - the Standard American Diet. Getting the live foods into your body gives you an extra boost. Samantha and I make a juice like that every morning before breakfast. I definitely notice the days that we miss it. I just don't have the same "oomph" as the day wears on.

I'm not going to dive into a juice fast yet, but I'll be playing around with the juicer and trying out a lot of new things. I think I'll be ready to try at least a one day fast in a week or so. I'll decide to go longer after I complete that first day.

Good idea. No need to rush into anything. I think the one day fast a week is a good idea. I have seen what is called the '36 hour fast' - where you don't eat dinner, and replace it with juice. Then the next day, drink nothing but juice for the whole day. I think I'm going to try to incorporate that into my routine when I've finished this fast.

As for Pete_J's fruit caution, I was just referring to a comment he made below somewhere about not putting too much fruit or carrots into these juices, as it can spike your blood sugar level.

If you're splitting that with your brother, I think that is fine with that amount of apples and carrots that you have in your picture.

Some good books that I recommend:

Juice Fasting

And it doesn't have to be just juice. Blended raw foods are also a wonderful way to drink your greens!

Green for Life

This is a super awesome book as well. ^ ^

Good luck. Thanks for sharing!

I haven't asked about how the non smoking is going in a while, but well, I assume!

He's the man.